CIF Indicators

The Climate Investment Fund (CIF), through its Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) is funding a number of the CCP projects. The CIF requires programs funded through the PPCR to report on five core CIF indicators including:

  1. Degree of integration of climate change into sector planning
  2. Evidence of strengthened government capacity and coordination mechanism to mainstream climate resilience
  3. Quality and extent to which climate responsive instruments/investment
  4. Extent to which vulnerable households, communities, businesses and public sector services use improved PPCR supported tools, instruments, strategies, and activities to respond to climate variability and climate change
  5. Number of people supported by the CCP to cope with the effects of climate


Therefore as part of Nepal’s commitments in implementing the PPCR, the CCP RMF outlines procedures for collecting the information required for reporting on the five core CIF indicators.


The indicator scores reported by 13 different government line agencies and 8 CCP projects are available from the above links.

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