PPCR4: Building Climate Resilient Communities through Private Sector Participation


Agriculture and Hydropower


(Investment Projects):

Investment Project 1:

Public and private sector collaboration to enhance food security through promoting climate resilient agriculture

Investment Project 2:

Climate proofing selected vulnerable infrastructure such as private hydropower stations

Investment Project 3:

Feasibility Study for Low Cost Climate Resilient Housing

Areas of Intervention:

Building Climate Resilient Communities

Problem Situation Addressed:

  • Insufficient access to climate resilience technologies and market barriers
  • Lack of Electricity and insufficient fuel wood to meet energy needs
  • Dependency on biofuels, mainly wood, to meet energy needs
  • growing hydrocarbon imports

Program Budget:

Investment Project 1:

Grant: 2.45 million USD, Credit: 4 million USD, Total: 6.45 million USD

Investment Project 2:

Grant: 0.45 million USD, Credit: 6 million USD, Total 6.45 million USD

Investment Project 3:

Grant: 100,000 USD

Program Period:

June 2014 – January 2020

Program Location:


Program Focus:

  • Climate Proofing Vulnerable Infrastructure
  • Climate Resilient Agriculture
  • Climate Resilient Housing
  • Water-efficient irrigation technologies
  • Access to agriculture finance
  • Early Warning Systems
  • Water Retention Structures
  • Community Seed Banks and Seed Storage

Target Entity:

  • Farmlands
  • Hydro-power Installations (Micro Hydro Stations)
  • Settlements

Target Beneficiary:

  • Farmers and Farming Communities
  • Private Hydro Power Companies
  • Local Communities

Executing Agencies:


Collaborating Agencies:


Development Partner:

International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Other Stakeholders:

National Agricultural Research Council (NARC),

local agro vets and seed companies,

telecommunication service providers,

private sector lead firms,

farmersâ cooperatives


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