Technical Studies

 A. Baseline Institutional Reports

     1. DHM - Department of Hydrology and Meteorology

     2. DoLIDAR - Department if Local Infrastrucrure Development and Agricultural Road

     3. DOI - Department of Irrigation

     4. DOR - Department of Roads

     5. DUDBC - Department of Urban Development and Building Construction

     6. DWIDP - Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention

     7. DWSS - Department of Water Supply and Sanitation

     8. MoSTE- Ministry of Science, Technonology, and Environment

 B. Reviews of International Experience

     1. International Experience review - IRRIGATION

     2. International Experience review - RIVER & MINING

     3. International Experience review - ROADS

     4. International Experience review - WATER ENGINEERING

     5. International Experience review - WATSAN

     6. International Experience review - URBAN PLANNING

 C. District Baseline VA and AP Reports

     1. Achham District Water and Sanitation

     2. Banke District Water and Sanitation

     3. Chitwan District Water and Sanitation

     4. Dolakha District Water and Sanitation

     5. Kathmnadu District Water and Sanitation

     6. Mustang District Water and Sanitation

     7. Myagdi District Water and Sanitation

     8. Panchthar District Water and Sanitation

 D. Sand Mining Case Study Report

     1. Sand Mining Case Study - BANKE District

     2. Sand Mining Case Study - DOLAKHA District

     3. Sand Mining Case Study - KATHNMANDU District

     4. Sand Mining Case Study - CHITWAN District

 E. GLOF Report

     1. Final GLOF Report 3

 F. Modelling Report 3

     1. Modelling Report 3

G. High Risk Projects

     1.  Identification of high risk projects in each agency’s portfolio

H. Indigenous Practices Research

     1. Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Practices for Climate Resillience in Napal

     2. Indigenous and Local Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Nepal

I. Synthesis Reports

     1. Urban Sector Synthesis Report

     2. WIDP Sector Synthesis Report

     3. WATSAN Sector Sysnthesis Report

     4. Irrigation Sector Synthesis Report

     5. SRN Sector Synthesis Report

     6. LRR Sector Synthesis Report

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