CCP Results Management Framework (RMF)

The CCP Results Management Framework (CCP RMF) has been designed and developed under the PPCR project titled Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development (PPCR 3).  The framework is used to measure the effectiveness of climate change adaptation projects and programs in Nepal and supports a programmatic response to climate change led by the Ministry of Population and Environment in close partnership with 12 government sector agencies and five development partners.


The main elements of the RMF include:

(i) a log-frame,

(ii) a set of indicators for measuring performance,

(iii) a template and approach for documenting lessons learnt, and

(iv) an approach and description of the role of consultations in the implementation of M&E activities.


The CCP RMF draws upon two sources of indicators:

(i) Project-level indicators: The seven projects of the CCP include more than 60 separate indicators set at the output, outcome and impact levels.  A selection of these indicators were identified to be of relevance to the CCP; and

(ii) Institutional indicators: a set of five indicators for tracking progress in developing the institutional capacities for CC resilient planning and coordination were adopted from the CIF PPCR Results Management Framework (CIF AU, 2013).

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