PPCR2:Building Resilience to Climate-Related Hazards



Areas of Intervention:

Building Resilience to Climate-Related Hazards

Problem Situation Addressed:

  • Risk of floods and droughts that take human lives and undermine progress on economic growth and poverty alleviation
  • Flood, GLOF, prolonged dry spells, disease outbreak, unavailability or uncertainty of water for drinking, irrigation and other uses

Program Budget:

Grant: 16 million USD, Credit: 25 million USD

Program Period:

March 2014 – July  2018

Program Location:


Program Focus:

  • GLOF Monitoring
  • Early Warning and Weather Forecasting
  • Agro-met data collection and information system
  • Access to Financial Resources

Target Entity:

Hydro-Met Stations

Target Beneficiary:

Vulnerable Communities, Farmers

Executing Agencies:

  • Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM)
  • Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD)

Collaborating Agencies:

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Irrigation,, WECS, National Disaster Response Committee, District Disaster Risk Management Committee

Development Partner:

  • CIF
  • World Bank

Other Stakeholders:


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